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Protecting Journalism: Anonymous and Secure Communications for Reporters and Sources


Reporters often find it necessary to protect the identities of their sources. In the past, that secrecy was easier to achieve.


Now, although digital technologies provide fast, convenient communications between reporters and sources, they also facilitate greater surveillance of those communications. If source confidentiality remains crucial to journalism, then reporters have a duty to take better precautions. But what measures are available, which ones are being used, and which ones are actually effective? Do anonymizing tools fulfill the promise of secure communications, or do they endanger users by creating false confidence?

This conference will bring together journalists and technologists to discuss the security needs of journalism; current practices among reporters; the merits and pitfalls of the available technology; and what more can—or should—be done to protect communications of this nature.

Eventbrite - Protecting Journalism: Anonymous & Secure Comm. for Reporters & Sources