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Rinalia Abdul Rahim

Rinalia is the Executive Director of the Global Knowledge Partnership. She is one of the world's foremost experts in the field of Knowledge and ICT for Development with more than 10 years of experience.  A Harvard graduate, she was appointed Executive Director of Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) in 2001 and was responsible for moving the GKP Secretariat from Washington DC to Kuala Lumpur.

Under her leadership, the GKP Secretariat transformed into a lean and efficient world class organisation.  With her team's dedicated effort, GKP has become the world's leading multi-sector network committed to harnessing the potential of knowledge and ICT for sustainable and equitable development.

Beyond her management skills, Rinalia's dynamic personality and drive inspire people and mobilise organisations.  With a diverse membership of 115 organisations headquartered across 52 countries, GKP today is a vibrant network with members and activities worldwide, and it has successfully fostered various development initiatives involving cross-sector collaborations in eight regions.

Rinalia is an effective moderator, communicator and convenor.  She has moderated various discussion forums including those that are broadcasted over television.  As a sought after speaker, she has spoken on a wide-range of issues related to Knowledge and ICT for development on many occasions including at the World Summit on the Information Society.  As a convenor, she has been consistently successful in bringing together global ICT4D stakeholders via GKP events and conferences where at least 60,000 change agents from governments, civil society organisations, and the private sector have engaged to better understand how to expand digital inclusion and access to knowledge worldwide.

Rinalia is Vice Chair of the Global Action Network Council and Member of the Strategy Council for the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development.  She is also Advisor to the International Task Force on Women & ICT, and Council Member of the Wawasan Open University.

Prior to joining GKP, Rinalia advised the Malaysian Government on its ICT policies and strategies via her work in the National IT Council (NITC).  She represented the NITC at key international meetings on ICT4D, and spoke on behalf of the Malaysian Government at the 1st African Development Forum in 1999.  She also introduced the Malaysian model and experiences in ICT to the Arab States at the request of the United Nations Development Programme.

Rinalia holds a Master in Public Policy Degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Princeton University.

Rinalia Abdul Rahim