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The Schell Center organizes frequent panels, lectures, and conferences on human rights topics. Major events include the Human Rights Workshop: Current Events and Issues and the annual Robert L. Bernstein International Human Rights Symposium.

Upcoming Events

February 5 at 6:10 PM (Room 122)
Ryan Thoresen, YLS ’14
Transnational LGBT Activism: Working for Sexual Rights Worldwide
[cosponsoring with YLS library]

Monday, April 6, 6:10 PM (Room 128

David Cohen, Director Asian International Justice Initiative
The Changing Landscape of Human Rights and the Rule of Law in ASEAN:
A New Beginning or Business as Usual?

Thursday and Friday, April 9-10
Joint Liman Colloquium and Bernstein Symposium
Detention on a Global Scale: Punishment and Beyond
(more details to follow soon)