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The Schell Center organizes frequent panels, lectures, and conferences on human rights topics. Major events include the Human Rights Workshop: Current Events and Issues and the annual Robert L. Bernstein International Human Rights Symposium.

Upcoming Events

Tues. Oct. 6, 4:10 PM (Rm. 129)
Tom Kellogg, Director of the East Asia Program at the Open Society Foundations
U.S. Human Rights Diplomacy: the Case of China

Wed. Oct. 14th 12:10 (Rm. 124)
Maxim Eristavi, Independent New Media Correspondent, Co-founder, Hromadske International
Dispatch from Russia and Ukraine: Untold Stories of Europe’s Most Intense Battles for LGBT Equality
(Co-sponsored with Outlaws).

Thurs. Oct. 15, 12:10 – 1:00 (Faculty Lounge)
Lucinda O’Hanlon, Adviser on Women's Rights, Women's Rights and Gender Section, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Navigating Women's Human Rights at the United Nations: The Case of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (co-sponsored with Global Health Justice Partnership)

Monday, Oct. 26 (121)
Kirby Simon Summer Fellows Panel
Introduction to Summer Human Rights Fellowships
The session will begin with a general discussion of the Kirby Simon Summer Human Rights Fellowship and how to apply for it and a panel of former fellows will talk about their summer work experience

Tues. Nov. 3 (Room 128)
Kirby Simon Summer Fellows Panel
Working at International Courts and Tribunals
The session will begin with a discussion of summer internship opportunities at international courts and criminal tribunals, including the process for application, followed by a paenl of former fellows who will talk about their summer experience at the courts. 

Tues. Nov. 17 at 6:10 PM ( Room 128)
Panel: South Sudan: From Independence to Civil War to Precarious Peace