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SELA 1999


Session 1: "How Important is Equality?"

Efren Rivera Ramos, Equality: A Multi-Dimensional Approach
Carlos Rosenkrantz, In Defense of Equality
Pablo Ruiz-Tagle

Session 2: "Equality and Economic Growth"

Beatriz Boza
Roberto Gargarella, Free Market and Collective Unfreedom
George Priest, Poverty, Inequality, and Economic Growth-Simple Principles
Juan Enrique Vargas

Session 3: "Assimilation and Difference"

Rodolfo Vazquez, Rights of Minorities and Tolerance
Kenji Yoshino, Covering

Session 4: "Equality and Family Relations"

William Eskridge
Paulina Veloso, Equality and Familial Relationships

Session 5: "Equality and Religion"

Paul Kahn, Changing Conceptions of the Political Status of Religion
Miguel Orellana
Roberto Saba, Neutrality of the State, Equality of Treatment, and Tolerance of Religous Matters

Session 6: "Equality in the Administration of Justice"

Jorge Correa Sutil, Access to Justice and Judicial Reforms in Latin America: Any Hope of Equality?
Jaime Malamud Goti, Equality, Punishment and Trust
Daniel Mendonca, Equality in the Application of the Law