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SELA 2000


Session 1: "Rule of Law--Aspiration or Obstacle?"

Owen Fiss, The Autonomy of Law
Ernesto Garzon Valdes, What is Wrong with the Rule of Law?
Carlos Pena, The Political and the Rule of Law

Session 2: "Reconstructing the Rule of Law"

Martin Bohmer, The Supreme Court of the 80's and the Supreme Court of the 90's: A Dialogue on the Argentine Rule of Law
Jorge Correa Sutil, Punishment or Forgiveness for the Human Rights Violators?
Robert Gordon, Undoing Historical Injustice

Session 3: "The Rule of Law and Economic Relationships"

Roberto de Michele, Corporate Governance: An Introduction to the Argentine Case
Alvin Klevorick
Claixto Salomao Filho, Legal Theory of Economic Knowledge

Session 4: "Discretion and the Rule of Law"

Ricardo Caracciolo, Discretion, Right Answers and the Judicial Function
Jose Julian Alvarez Gonzalez, Another Look at "The Discretionary Constitution"
Marisa Iglesias, Judicial Discretion and Judicial Positivism: The Substantive Criteria of Validity
Miguel Soto

Session 5: "Supranational Institutions and the Rule of Law"

Rodrigo Correa, International Treaties Under the Spell of Brown
Paul Kahn, International Law and Community
Monica Pinto, International Institutions and the Rule of Law

Session 6: "The Rule of Law in Times of Crisis"

Robert Burt, Judicial Supremacy, Judicial Impotence and the Rule of Law in Times of Crisis
Enrique Felices
Ulises Schmill, Una Fundamentacion de La Democracia
Jorge Seall Sasiain