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SELA 2001


Session 1: "The Spiraling Demand for Rights--Does it Pose a Danger for Democracy?"

Roberto Gargarella, The Threats of Constitutionalism: Constitutionalism, Rights, and Democracy
George Priest, Economic Rights, Personal Rights, and Other Constraints on Majoritarian Outcomes
Efren Rivera Ramos, Rights and Democracy: Conflict or Complementarity?

Session 2: "Who is Bound by Fundamental Rights?"

Victor Ferreres Comella, Do Constitutional Rights Bind Private Individuals?
Andres Jana
Carol Rose, Who is Responsible for Fundamental Rights? Some Perspectives from the Present and the Past

Session 3: "Institutional Arrangements to Protect Fundamental Rights"

Marcelo Alegre
Fernando Atria, Legalism, Rights and Politics
Daniel Bonilla, Fundamental Rights and Cultural Difference: Analysis of the Colombian Case

Session 4: "The Internal Integrity of Rights"

Neus Torbisco Casals, Multiculturalism and Collective Rights: Toward A New Category of Fundamental Rights?
Jose Ramon Cossio, Constitutional Order and Hierarchy in Mexico
Christian Courtis, Social Rights as Rights

Session 5: "International Protection of Rights"

Francisco Cox, Should Our Dirty Clothes be Washed at Home?
Martin Farrell, Theories of Justice in International Relations
James Silk, International Criminal Justice and the Protection of Human Rights: The Rule of Law or the Hubris of Law?

Session 6: "Fundamental Rights and Punishement"

Alberto do Amaral Junior, The Right to Humanitarian Assistance
Antonio Bascunan Rodriguez
Eugenio Bulygin, Criminal Prosecutions of Human Rights Violations