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SELA 2002


Session1: "Revolution by Law?"

Calixto Salomao Filho, Revolution Through Law in the Economic Sphere
Lucas Sierra, Law, Social Change and Lawyers in Chile: From the Shrillness of the 60s to the Silence of Today

Session2: "The New Wave of Constitutionalism"

Ricardo Gil Lavedra, A Quick Look at Constitutional Reforms in Latin-America
Esteban Restrepo, Constitutional Reform and Social Progress: The Constitutionalization of Daily Life in Colombia
Pablo Ruiz-Tagle, Constitutionalism and Terrorism

Session3: "Changes in the Economic System"

Javier Couso, The Production of International Economic Law and the Need for a Cosmopolitan Democracy
Ronaldo Porto Macedo, Globalization, Regulation and Consumer Law
Wistano Orozco, One December of Tequila and Seven Years of Legal Hangover: Adjustment Policies and Legal Change in Mexico Following the Crisis of 1994-1995

Session4: "Legal Education"

Alfredo Bullard/Anna MacLean, Legal Education: "Cofradia" or "Archicofradia"?
Robert Gordon, Modes of Legal Education and the Social Conditions that Sustain Them
Carlos Pena, Notes on Lawyers and Legal Training

Session5: "Poverty and Distributive Justice"

Carlos Rosenkrantz, The Legal and Constitutional Demands of Poverty
Diego Zavala, Fiscal Crises, Failed States, Institutions and Poverty

Session6: "Enhancing the Status of Disadvantaged Groups"

Hernan Gullco, The Use of Suspect Classifications in the Argentine Legal System
Raul Mejia, Disadvantaged Groups and Indigenous Peoples Reform: An Institutional Approach
Macarena Saez, A Love-Hate Relationship: Law and Disadvantaged Groups