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SELA 2006


Session 1: "Structure and Source of the Executive Power"
Eduardo Cifuentes

Marcelo Alegre, Democracy without Presidents
William Vazquez Irizarry, Taking Care of the Faithful Execution of the Laws in the Age of Autonomous Bodies: Reform or Dismissal of the Executive Power Theory
Mario Ramos Reyes, Law as the Handmaid of Politics: The Case of Paraguay

Session 2: "Globalization and Executive Power"
Owen Fiss

Janet Koven Levit, International Law Happens (Whether the Executive Likes It or Not)
Laura Saldivia, Globalization and the Transformation of the Argentine Executive Branch
Aida Torres, The Internationalization of Lawmaking Processes: Constraining or Empowering the Executive?

Session 3: "The Scope of the Executive Power"
Lourdes Peroni

Alejandro Madrazo, Under the Radar. Infra-Constitutional Powers of the Executive: The Case of the Tobacco Regulation in Mexico
Carlos Patron, The Dog in the Manger: Defining the State's Entreprenuerial Role in Latin America
Fernando Serrano, Meta-Constitutional Powers of the Executive Branch in Mexico

Session 4: "Checks on the Executive"
Daniel Markovits

Elvira Mendez Chang, Can the Executive Branch be Controlled in Foreign Affairs?
Carlos Portugal Gouvea, Presidentialism and Corruption in Latin America: A Tale of Misleading Assumptions and Disruptive Perceptions
Jorge Silvero Salgueiro, Constitutional Checks on the Executive

Session 5: "Crises and Presidential Power"
Efren Rivera

Fernando Atria, On Sovereignty and the Politcal
Antonio Barreto, Normalcy and Exceptionalism: The Indecipherable Contemporary Regularity of Exception
Gabriel Bouzat, Presidential Power and Political Crisis in Argentina