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Julia Sonnevend

Julia Sonnevend is a Ph.D. student in Communications at Columbia University, a Visiting Fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School, and a Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Cultural Sociology, Yale University. She received her Master of Laws degree from Yale Law School, her Juris Doctorate and her Master of Arts degrees in German Studies and Aesthetics from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

Sonnevend studies the intersections between communications, art history, visual studies and legal theory. Her research areas include visual culture theories, the theory of (digital) photography,  critical communications studies, the canon of media studies, visual representations of justice in art and media, law and performance, art and activism, cultural trauma, access to knowledge, law in the digitally-networked environment, global media policy,  post-communist identities and Eastern-European media.

Website: http://julia-sonnevend.com/

Julia Sonnevend