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Undergraduate Summer Fellowship

The Arthur Liman Public Interest Program supports the work of law students, law school graduates, and students from six universities, all of whom work to respond to problems of inequality and to improve access to justice.

The Liman Summer Fellowship gives students the opportunity to work at substantive summer internships in the field of public interest law. Students work in diverse settings with lawyers and advocates. Examples include work on issues such as children’s rights, immigrants’ rights, workers’ rights, prison conditions, human rights, voting rights, consumers’ rights, low income housing, civil rights, educational adequacy, and juvenile justice. Placements can include organizations providing civil or criminal legal services to individuals, representation of particular groups, entities focused on problems of legal and public policy, and law-related media.

In general, the Liman Summer Fellowship program supports work in the United States. On rare occasions, work that has both an international and domestic focus has been supported. On occasion, work with federal, state, or local government, which is targeted at particularly needy populations, has been supported. After you receive a fellowship, you should speak with your Liman program advisor at your school about placements. Placement decisions must be made in consultation with your advisor.

Summer Fellows have the opportunity to participate in the Liman Public Interest Law Colloquium, an annual event held at Yale Law School that brings together advocates, scholars, and students from across the country for a two day-long discussion on public interest topics such as low-wage workers and workfare, the role of mass media in public interest advocacy, and policies of incarceration. Through their involvement with the Liman Program, Summer Fellows become part of a large network of public interest advocates.

All Yale undergraduates -- with the exception of graduating seniors - are eligible to apply.  Fellowships are also offered to undergraduate students at Barnard, Brown, Harvard, and Spelman. Fellowships are available at Princeton to undergraduate and graduate students. For undergraduates, a stipend of $3,000 is provided for an 8-10 week internship. Fellows are required to write a short report after completing their fellowships. Summer fellows may not receive other fellowship funding for the same internship.

Students at schools other than Yale should contact the Summer Fellowship advisor at their respective school for specific application information.

At the time of applications, students need not have identified a specific project. However, if students are interested in specific substantive areas or projects, they should describe them in the application. If you receive a fellowship, we encourage you to contact former Liman Summer Fellows and Law Fellows for assistance and advice about placements. The Liman Program will also help with placements, including at organizations with Liman Fellows.

The Liman Summer Fellowship Program is coordinated by the Arthur Liman Public Interest Program at Yale Law School. That program is named after Arthur Liman, a 1957 graduate of Yale Law School. Through his distinguished career, Liman demonstrated how dedicated lawyers in both private practice and public life can serve the needs of people and causes that might otherwise go unrepresented. The Liman Summer Fellowships are funded by the generous support of Arthur Liman’s son, the filmmaker Doug Liman, the Liman Foundation, and other sources.