Workplace Theory and Policy Seminar

WorkplaceTheory and PolicySeminar: New Directions in Labor and Employment Law
Spring 2009

This seminar will bring to the Law School a number of scholars and lawyers who are doing cutting-edge work in labor and employment law. Through an examination of their work, the seminar will critically examine work and work-related institutions from both theoretical, legal and policy perspectives. It will examine recent transformations in work, employment, and workplaces, explore the regulation of employment and other forms of work, and analyze ways to restructure work and work-related institutions. The speaker's paper (if there is one) will be circulated a week before the class and discussed during class time. Students will read, discuss, and write reflection papers on the works-in-progress produced by the guest speakers. There may also be an opportunity to meet with some of the speakers informally. The workshop should be of interest to students who are interested in labor and employment law and to students interested in social justice and equality more broadly.

The Workplace Theory and Policy Seminar will not be offered during academic year 2009-1010.