Yale Graduates in Law and Media

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Yale Graduates in Law and Media

After graduation, Yale alumni follow careers as journalists, legal commentators, First Amendment lawyers, policy makers, and media executives and entrepreneurs.

For example, through its Masters of Studies in Law (MSL) program for mid-career journalists, the Law School has trained such well-known journalists as Linda Greenhouse ’78 M.S.L. (The New York Times), Barbara Bradley Hagerty ’94 M.S.L. (NPR), Charles Lane ’97 M.S.L. (Washington Post) and Charlie Savage ’03 M.S.L. (New York Times).
In addition to the M.S.L. program, numerous talented journalists have graduated with J.D.s from Yale, including Adam Liptak ’88 (The New York Times), Jeffrey Rosen ’91 (The New Republic), Emily Bazelon ’00 (Slate), and Jeff Greenfield ’67 (reporter and commentator). 

Yale graduates are also leading practitioners of First Amendment law, such as David Kendall ‘71, Paul Smith ’79, and Floyd Abrams ‘59.  They work as media policy makers, like former FCC Commissioners Reed Hundt ‘74 and William Kennard ‘81.  Finally, many of our graduates are media industry leaders or entrepreneurs, such as Richard Cotton ’69 (Vice President and General Counsel of NBC Universal), Joel Hyatt ’75 (CEO of Current TV), and Steve Brill ‘75 (founder of Court TV and The American Lawyer).