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Program in Argentina

The Linkage Program in Argentina is a collaborative effort with the Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires. The main goal of the program is to promote better understanding of the relationship between law and democratic values in the United States and Latin America.

Groups of Yale Law students travel to Argentina to work on a wide variety of projects, including publication of law journals, development of academic and scholarly programs and seminars, and conducting research for NGOs involved with human rights issues.

First-, second-, third-year and graduate students are invited to apply. Spanish is required and essential. Travel and living expenses will be funded by the Yale Law School. Students live with local families or university students. A four-week commitment is required following the end of the spring semester. In the past, student participants have worked in the United States for a large portion of the summer; some traveled throughout Latin America under a Schell Fellowship.

If you are interested in spendingthe first four weeks of your summerworking with students and faculty at law schools in Buenos Aires,you may apply for the program byproviding a current resume, a law school transcript (excepting 1L students), and a brief statement (no longer than three double-spaced pages) that explains your interest in the program and the relevance of any eventual participation to your goals. Applicants should indicate their first and second choices of destination. Before applying, scheduling a meeting to discuss the program withBrad Hayes, Coordinator of International Programs, is advised. He can be reached atbradley.hayes@yale.edu or at (203) 436-3534. The selection processwilloccur inmid-November.

Argentina Schedule 2014

Some photos from Michelle Cho '16 from the summer of 2014:

Pro-Kirchner demonstrators in Buenos Aires during the May 25 holiday.

Students traveling to Argentina need to keep in mind the country's culinary tradition.

Serious Buenos Aires busking.