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YLS and SOM Partner to Offer a Three-Year JD-MBA Program

Yale Law School and the Yale School of Management (SOM) have begun offering an Accelerated Integrated JD-MBA program that will enable students to earn both degrees in three years.

The new combined program in law and business is unique in that it offers the two degrees in three academic years (six semesters), without the need for summer classes. It is designed primarily for students interested in business law but will be useful in a variety of settings involving business and management. In describing the program, Roberta Romano, Oscar M. Ruebhausen Professor of Law and YLS Center for the Study of Corporate Law Director, stated: “This initiative is the future of business law education. It provides students with the analytical tools necessary to be at the forefront of their profession in law or management.”

Students in the Accelerated Integrated JD-MBA program will be fully immersed in the required curriculum and community life at each school and will graduate with their entering class at both the Law School and SOM. During the two summers, students are free to gain valuable experience in law or business related positions.

Students can apply to enter the Accelerated Integrated JD-MBA program during their first year of Law School, or they can simultaneously apply for admission to both schools. Students spend the first year in the program at the Law School. The second year will be spent at both SOM and the Law School, and the third year at the Law School. 

Learn more about the Accelerated-Integrated JD-MBA Program and watch an introductory video that answers commonly asked questions about the program.