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JREG Names Georgetown Law Professor Adam Levitin Winner of Hamilton Prize

The Yale Journal on Regulation (JREG) has announced that Professor Adam J. Levitin, Associate Professor of Law at Georgetown Law School, has been named inaugural winner of the Walton H. Hamilton Prize for Outstanding Scholarship. Established in 2009, the prize is awarded annually by JREG’s executive board to the author of the article most likely to have a significant impact on the study and understanding of regulatory policy.

In “Hydraulic Regulation: Regulating Credit Markets Upstream,” published in Volume 26.2 (Summer 2009) of the Yale Journal on Regulation, Professor Levitin analyzes the current shortcomings of consumer protection in financial services and proposes a novel approach that would permit states to engage in consumer-protection regulation of federally chartered banks.

“Working with JREG has been the singularly best editorial experience among all the journals I've worked with,” said Professor Levitin. “You can never judge a journal by its name, and you can't be certain how much value will be added in the editorial process, but I am extremely impressed with JREG and its editors and how much value they really do add.”

Walton Hale Hamilton (1881-1958) was the Southmayd Professor of Law at Yale Law School from 1928 to 1948. Though an economist by training and not a lawyer himself, Hamilton astutely applied the insights of institutional economics to critique legal formalism. In the 1930s, he was a frequent advisor on New Deal economic policy. He eventually left Yale to become a full-time deputy to Thurman Arnold at the new Antitrust Division of the Justice Department and thereafter, joined Arnold’s newly-created Washington, D.C. law firm, Arnold, Fortas & Porter.

Now in its 27th volume, the Yale Journal on Regulation is a scholarly law journal that publishes articles by professors and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds on topics ranging from antitrust and bankruptcy to telecommunication and securities law. Additional information about the history and current content of the Journal can be found on the JREG website.