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Barristers’ Union Mock Trial Final Round April 28

The final round of the Barristers’ Union Mock Trial Competition will be held Wednesday, April 28, at Yale Law School. The competition will be held in Room 127 starting at 4:30 p.m.

Judge Jed S. Rakoff, S.D.N.Y., will preside over the case, State v. Harman, to be argued by finalists Barrett Anderson ’12, Nila Bala ’12, Joshua Braver ’11, and Josiah Pertz ’12.

Michael Harmon was an aging professional hockey player known for his quick temper and tendency to brawl on the ice. Tony Sturmanis was a young up-and-coming rookie known for his talent for goal scoring and boyish good looks. Their paths crossed when Sturmanis won a lucrative contract intended for Harmon, and then Harmon found out that Sturmanis was having an affair with Harmon's wife. Tensions erupted between these rivals at a playoff game when Harmon struck Sturmanis in the head with his hockey stick, killing him. But was it a calculated act of murder, or a desperate act of self-defense?

Come watch the trial and decide for yourself! Anderson and Braver will represent the state, and Bala and Pertz will represent the defendant.