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Lewis Bollard ’13 and Jonathan Siegel ’13 Win Top Prize in Moot Court Finals


The Harlan Fiske Stone Prize Finals of the Morris Tyler Moot Court of Appeals at Yale Law School were held Monday afternoon, Dec. 5, in the Law School auditorium, when four Yale Law School students presented oral arguments in Federal Communications Commission v. Fox Television Stations, a real case that comes before the Supreme Court this term.

Judge Raymond M. Kethledge of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Susan L. Carney of the Second Circuit, and Judge Robert A. Katzmann ’80 of the Second Circuit presided.

They awarded the Potter Stewart Prize for best overall written and oral argument to Lewis Bollard ’13 and Jonathan Siegel ’13, who successfully argued for the respondent, Fox Television Stations.

Siegel received the Harlan Fiske Stone Prize for best oralist as well, and the judges also praised the performances of Daniel Young ’12 and Jed Glickstein ’13, who argued for the petitioner, the FCC.

At issue in the case was whether the FCC’s standards for indecency on television are unconstitutional either because they infringe on free speech or are unconstitutionally vague.

The Morris Tyler Moot Court competition takes place each semester at Yale Law School, culminating in the Harlan Fiske Stone Prize Finals in the fall and the Thurman Arnold Prize Finals in the spring. All second- and third-year law students are eligible to participate.