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Corporate Law Center Honors M&A Attorney Stephen Fraidin ’64 with Baldwin Award

Yale Law School’s Center for the Study of Corporate Law has awarded its 2012 Simeon E. Baldwin Award to Stephen Fraidin ’64 for his distinguished achievements in law and business. Fraidin is a partner at Kirkland and Ellis LLP and a leader in the field of mergers and acquisitions. He has taught – both with Alan Schwartz ’64 and Roberta Romano ’80 – “The Law and Economics of Corporate Control” at Yale Law School for more than 20 years. (L-R) Robert Todd Lang ’47, Roberta Romano ’80, Alan Schwartz ’64, Stephen Fraidin ’64, Dean Robert Post ’77

In introducing Fraidin at the Nov. 8 award ceremony, Professor Schwartz praised the honoree for his probity, courage, business acumen, and inspirational teaching skills.

“He is the paradigm of a great lawyer: brilliant, knowledgeable, open to new ideas, excited about the practice of law, vivid in portraying its challenges and available to young people for advice and counsel.”

Read Alan Schwartz's entire remarks here.

In accepting his award, Fraidin said it was thrilling to be at Yale Law School in the early 1960s, and he paid tribute to those who taught him. “Robert Bork introduced me to law and economics. Alexander Bickel introduced me to constitutional law. Grant Gilmore and Leon Lipson showed me the beauty of contract law. And Joe Bishop taught me about corporate law.”

He recognized the influence of fellow YLS grads as well. “When I was at Fried Frank…Bob Preiskel and Leon Silverman showed me how to be a lawyer of integrity. Two other graduates of Yale Law School, Sam Harris and Art Fleischer, took my knowledge of securities law from nil to whatever it ultimately became.”

Fraidin concluded by acknowledging the role his education played in shaping his career. “Yale Law School has made a tremendous impact on my career and on my life,” he said. “My approach has been a product of all of the Yale Law influences that I’ve mentioned tonight… it is hard work, knowledge, ideas, and integrity, and a deep respect for the law.”

Read Stephen Fraidin’s entire remarks here.

The Yale Law School Center for the Study of Corporate Law was established in 1999 to enhance the quality of students’ educational experience and of faculty research in the business law area. It is currently directed by Sterling Professor of Law Roberta Romano. The Simeon E. Baldwin Award was established in 2007 and is presented by the Center to a Yale Law School graduate in recognition of distinguished achievement in law and business.

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