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Location Tracking and Biometrics Conference

The Location Tracking and Biometrics Conference will take place on Saturday, March 2, and Sunday, March 3, at Yale Law School, 40 Ashmun Street, New Haven. Judges, policymakers, practitioners, academics, and other experts will gather to consider what comes next after last year’s Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Jones, about the constitutionality of GPS tracking of vehicles without a warrant. They will discuss various forms of location tracking and the implications of biometric identification, and they’ll analyze Fourth Amendment issues raised by the High Court’s decision. Speakers will include Susan Freiwald, Kevin Bankston, Chris Soghoian, Laura K. Donohue, and others. The conference is sponsored by the Information Society Project and the Thomson Reuters Initiative on Law and Technology. For more information, contact

Watch the full video of the conference here.