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Informal Student-Alumni Group Supports Judge Alito

An informal group of Yale Law School students and alumni declare their support for the confirmation of Judge Samuel A. Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court in an ad that will run in Wednesday's The Hill magazine.

The ad, which has 159 signatures, concludes that Judge Alito "deserves a fair hearing and a prompt vote in favor of his confirmation." (You can read the ad through this link.)

Also, 40 present Yale Law School students, of whom almost all also signed the ad, have signed a letter sent out today to all the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of Judge Alito.

"As future practitioners," the letter says, "it is in our interest to have Supreme Court justices with integrity, intelligence, and experience, and we believe that Judge Alito is exceedingly qualified on all three of these fronts." (You can read the letter through this link.)

Contact: Timothy Shuman '06,
(203) 495-8833