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Yale Information Society Project Welcomes New Fellows

The Information Society Project at Yale Law School has welcomed a new group of Resident Fellows who will be working on a range of IP and media law issues during the 2014-2015 academic year.

Colin Agur has joined ISP as a Postdoctoral Associate in Law and Knight Law and Media Scholar. His research bridges the history of telecommunications and contemporary mobile phone usage, and seeks to understand the unanticipated consequences of network development. His work focuses on the social and legal implications of mass mobile telephony, with an emphasis on surveillance and privacy.

Lauren Henry is also a Postdoctoral Associate in Law and Knight Law and Media Scholar. Henry is working on a paper summarizing the lessons one can learn about administrative approaches to regulating privacy from the case study of Google Street View in Germany, a review of the existing case law on the current privacy common law, and a paper developing an approach to privacy as a hybrid interest between a right and property.

Gabriel J. Michael is the Postdoctoral Associate in Law and Thomson Reuters Fellow at the Information Society Project. His research will focus on the politics of intellectual property, Internet and technology policy, policy diffusion, and cybersecurity.

Kate Klonick has joined ISP as a Resident Fellow. Her interests focus on cognitive neuroscience, work she began while completing her Bachelor’s Degree at Brown University. Her present research draws on this past interest, applying cognitive science research on similarity judgment to intellectual property law.

"The ISP is pleased to welcome some of the most talented scholars who work on intellectual property, privacy, mobile communication and surveillance, and media law and policy,” said Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Executive Director of the Yale Information Society Project. “Their work will add to debates on key issues and continue the ISP’s tradition as a leading player in interdisciplinary discussions about law and technology."

The Yale Information Society Project is made up of a thriving academic community consisting of Resident Fellows, Yale Law School faculty members, Visiting Fellows from other Universities, student and undergraduate fellows, and other Yale affiliates. See the full list here. Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment Jack M. Balkin is ISP’s founder and director.

The Information Society Project at Yale Law School is an intellectual center addressing the implications of the Internet and new information technologies for law and society, guided by the values of democracy, development, and civil liberties. Areas of focus include copyright, media law and policy, and privacy. Visit