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2011 Doctoral Scholarship Conference


Yale Law School is proud to host an inaugural conference for doctoral candidates in law, current and recently graduated (within one year). Organized by current JSD candidates, this is the first of what we hope will become a annual series of conferences hosted by Yale Law School with the goal of bringing together students and recent graduates of doctoral programs in law, both in the U.S. and abroad, to exchange ideas on their works in progress. We hope that the YLS Doctoral Scholarship Conference will contribute to fostering a transnational community of aspiring legal scholars by providing a permanent forum for sustained dialogue over the methodological, substantial and professional challenges of legal scholarship.

Continuity and Change:
Interrogating the Dynamics of Law and Transformation
December 2-3, 2011 (Friday-Saturday)

This conference seeks to bring together new legal scholarship examining the capacity and limits of law to constitute, conserve and change social-political realities. The objective is to convene in a common forum emerging legal scholars who, while working in diverse subject areas, are united in their investigation of the meaning of change and continuity in law. Authors are invited to examine the dynamics of legal transformation, resistances to change, and the dialectical relationship between visions of change and continuity.
To encourage fruitful and productive engagement with the papers in a collegial atmosphere, sessions for presentations will be conducted in a roundtable format. Participants attending each session will be strongly encouraged to read the conference papers in advance to facilitate helpful and insightful back-and-forth discussion of each paper.

For more information, please email yls.doctoralconference@gmail.com

Organizing Committee members:
Diego Arguelhes (diego.arguelhes@yale.edu)
James Fowkes (james.fowkes@yale.edu)
Conor Hanly (conor.hanly@yale.edu)
Brendan Lim (brendan.lim@yale.edu)
Jaclyn L C Neo (lingchien.neo@yale.edu)