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Fri, Dec 2

Yale Law School, 127 Wall St, New Haven CT


1.00 – 1.30


Registration (Room 122)


1.30 – 2.15


Keynote Address, Room 129
Professor Douglas Kysar
Deputy Dean and Joseph M. Field ’55 Professor of Law


Group A, Room 122

Group B, Room 129


2.30 – 3.50


Sovereignty, Aggregation and Disaggregation
Moderator:  Stefanie Egidy

  • Karin Loevy (NYU):

Change and Continuity in Emergencies: a Theoretical Introduction

  • Han Liu (Yale):

Land Aggregation and Secession in the Rise of Territorial Sovereignty


Crime and Punishment
Moderator:  Kyle Kirkup

  • Conor Hanly (Yale):

The Rise of Summary Jurisdiction: Juvenile Offenders

  • Lisa Coleen Kerr (NYU):

Solitary Confinement and the Question of Judicial Control of Punishment


4.20 – 6.20


International Law and Transformation
Moderator:  Aleksandar Marsavelski

  • Guy Fiti Sinclair (NYU):

‘Constitutional’ Transformation in an International Organization: The Emergence of United Nations Peacekeeping

  • Seunghyun Sally Nam (UPenn):

Accountability of Non-State Actors for International Crimes under the New Global Governance Regime

  • Hanna A. Haile (Cornell):

Climate Change Induced Migration: Legal and Practical Challenges to International Law


Crime and Punishment (Continued)

  • Maja Munivrana Vajda (UZagreb):

Questioning the Law of Genocide: Ethnic Cleansing as Genocide? Croatian and International Perspective

  • Sarah Swan (Columbia):

Triangulating Rape: Tort, Commodification and Civil Recourse Theory



6.45 - 8.30


Welcome Speech by Dean Robert C. Post
Dean and Sol and Lillian Goldman Professor of Law




Sat, Dec 3

Group A, Room 122

Group B, Room 128


9.00 - 11.00


Law and Philosophy
Moderator:  Leora Katz

  • Helen Eenmaa (Yale):

Normative Differences among Forms of Liability and the Limits of the Economic Analysis of Law

  • Emily Kidd White (NYU):

Change of Heart

  • Gustavo Sampaio de A. Ribeiro (Harvard):

No Need to Toss a Coin: Conflicting Scientific Expert Testimonies and Intellectual Due Process


Law and Social Justice
Moderator:  Patricio Nazareno

  • Richard Stacey (NYU):

Legislating Change: Coming to Terms with the Tension Between the Rule of Law and Commitments to Social Justice

  • Sabrina Germain (Cornell):

Chronic Disease and the Law: Just Distribution of Health Resources for Chronically Ill Employees

  • Patrick Luff (Oxford):

Legal Innovation as Court-Based Risk Regulation




Human Rights and Enforcement
Moderator:  Scott Stephenson

  • Buhm-Suk, Baek (Cornell):

Why has Asia Failed to Establish Regional Human Rights Institutions so far? : The Development of International Human Rights Law and Resistance against It

  • Itamar Mann (Yale):

The Legal Structure of Europe’s Human Rights Crisis: a Preliminary Outline



Dialectics of Law and Society
Moderator:  Gabriela Bueno

  • Diego Gil McCawley (Stanford):

The Challenges of Community Building: Land Use Regulation and Residential Segregation in Santiago, Chile

  • Sergio Latorre (Cornell):

The Hidden Legal Infrastructure of Land Ownership: An Aesthetical Analysis of a Public Deed Title in Rural Colombia

Sat, Dec 3

Group A, Room 122

Group B, Room 128


1.45 – 3.45


Judges, Agents of Change
Moderator:  Nathaniel Khng

  • Aparna Chandra (Yale):

The Contours of ‘Complete Justice’: Article 142 and the Shifting Forms of Adjudication in the Supreme Court of India

  • Adedokun Ogunfolu (Obafemi Awolowo U):

Can Socio-Economic Rights Make the Nigerian State More Accountable?

  • Anne-Claire Jamart (Cornell):

Internet Freedom in the Making: Continuity and Change in Internet Governance


Rule of Law and Administration
Moderator:  Aditya Singh

  • Athanasios Psygkas (Yale):

Constructing and Transforming Administrative Democracy in Europe: The Influence of EU Law

  • Jing Qian (UVic):

Corporatist Representation via People’s Congress: An Aspect of the State-Society Relationship in Contemporary China

  • Natasha Salinas (USao Paolo):

Procedure versus Substance in Statutory Policy-making in Brazil: Why the Former Always Wins and What Implications Arise From It


4.00 – 6.00


Constitutional Law and Constitutional Politics
Moderator:  Thomaz Pereira

  • Fernando Muñoz L. (Yale):

‘Unchangeable by Ordinary Means’: The Chilean Educational System through Constitutional Conflict, Codification and Entrenchment

  • Nkatha Kabira (Harvard):

A New Dawn: Reflections on Kenya’s New Socio-Legal Order

  • Or Bassok (Yale):

The Two Countermajoritarian Difficulties


Commercial Models and Transplants
Moderator:  Adrian Kuenzler

  • Charlie Xiaochuan Weng (UPenn):

Chinese Shareholder Protection and the Influence from the US Law: the Idiosyncratic Economic Realities and Misplaced Agency Problem Solutions

  • Eugenio J Cárdenas (Stanford):

Globalization of Securities Enforcement: A Shift towards Enhanced Regulatory Intensity in Brazil’s Capital Market?

  • Hano Ernst (UZagreb):

The Curious Case of Continuing Reform of Personal Property Security in CEE Countries