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The New Directions in Environmental Law Conference series is organized by the 
Yale Environmental Law Association.

Please contact us at YaleEnvLawConference@gmail.com 
with any questions, comments, and Conference excitement.


This year's Conference, [Re]Claiming Accountability, is a collaborative effort between students at Yale Law School (YLS) and the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (FES).  
The 2011-2012 Conference Committee is:

Casey Arnold, YLS '14
Pablo Barreiros Sanjines, FES '12
Agustin Carbo, FES '12
Edwina Clarke, YLS '13
Robert Cobbs,* YLS '13
Than DeJonge, YLS '13
Halley Epstein, YLS '14
Benjamin Fryer, YLS/FES '13
Hayley Jade Fink, YLS/FES '13
Vijeta Jangra, FES '13
Devin Judge-Lord, FES '13
Monte Kawahara, FES '13
Daniel Knudsen,* YLS '12
Sarah Langberg,¤¤ YLS/FES '13
Vanessa Lamers, FES/Public Health '13
Vrinda Maglik, FES '13
Eric Merrill, YLS '12
Alex Metz, YLS, 2014
Caitlin Miner-LeGrand, YLS '13
Anthony Moffa, YLS '12
Jaimini Parekh, FES '12
Pablo Pena, FES, 2013
Stephanie Safdi,¤ YLS/FES '13
Jonathan Smith, YLS/FES '12
Lindsey Trachtenberg, YLS '12
Connie Vogelmann, YLS/FES '13


¤¤Conference Chair, 2012
¤Conference Chair, 2011
Yale Environmental Law Association Co-President


The Conference is co-sponsored by Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy and a
generous donation from Mr. Kevin Czinger.