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2013 Conferences

February 8, 2013

Critical Race Theory Conference

The Critical Race Theory conference convenes leading academic scholars, legal practitioners and community leaders to examine the ways in which critical race theory can be applied to scholarly work, legal practice, social justice advocacy and community based movements. Confirmed speakers include Devon Carbado, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Lani Guinier, Cheryl Harris, Tanya Hernandez, Charles Lawrence, and Gerald Torres.
February 15, 2013

Yale Global Business Ethics Conference

Yale’s inaugural Global Business Ethics Conference will bring together leading academics, legal practitioners and businesspeople in an ideas-oriented discussion about ethics in the modern business world.
February 22, 2013


The Nineteenth Annual Rebellious Lawyering Conference. The RebLaw Conference is an annual, student-run conference that brings together practitioners, law students, and community advocates from around the country to discuss innovative, progressive approaches to law and social change.
March 1, 2013

26th Annual Robert M. Cover Retreat—Mission Impossible? Tools for Change in a Time of Political Polarization

The Robert M. Cover Retreat brings together law students, academics and practitioners committed to public interest to share their experiences, network and reinvigorate their commitment to this important work.
March 2, 2013

2013 New Directions in Environmental Law Conference

This year’s New Directions in Environmental Law conference, The Power of Voice, will examine what and who motivates change in environmental law and policy and how different actors pursue and achieve that change. keynote address will be delivered by Rolling Stone Contributing Editor and environmental author Jeff Goodell. Panels and workshops will explore topics ranging from animal agriculture to hydraulic fracturing to human rights.
March 2, 2013

Location Tracking and Biometrics Conference

The Location Tracking and Biometrics conference on March 2 and 3 will consider what comes next after last year’s Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Jones, about the constitutionality of GPS tracking of vehicles without a warrant. Judges, policymakers, practitioners, academics and other experts will discuss various forms of location tracking and the implications of biometric identification, and they’ll analyze Fourth Amendment issues raised by the High Court’s decision. Sponsored by the Information Society Project and the Thomson Reuters Initiative on Law and Technology.
April 26, 2013

Contested Responses To Gender Inequalities

Although commitments to gender equality have become almost commonplace, the methods by which to achieve both formal and substantive gender equality are the subject of heated debate. This conference is designed to generate discussion about gender parity by examining comparative legal frameworks and theories of equality in a few specific contexts—such as the academy and the corporation—in which efforts are underway to address inequalities.
September 17, 2013

Sullivan & Cromwell Conference on Challenges in Financial Services to Feature Daniel K. Tarullo

The Sullivan & Cromwell Conference on Challenges in Global Financial Services will feature a keynote address by Daniel K. Tarullo, a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.
October 19, 2013

Global Seminar on Military Justice Reform

Military justice is facing dramatic challenges. First, there are topical national controversies such as, in the United States, those arising from the treatment of sexual assault and battlefield crime. Second, there are rising expectations in a variety of countries for due process and the rule of law in the administration of justice by military courts.

Because national military justice systems often face comparable issues, valuable insight into the root causes, trajectory and tempo of law reform may be gained by discussion across national lines. Are reforms needed in Country X or Country Y? If so, what should they consist of? What are the best strategies – legislative, litigative, “the court of public opinion” – for achieving reform? These questions will be at the heart of the Seminar. The Seminar will be an informed discussion by experts who have been personally involved in the reform process
October 26, 2013

Conference on the Legacy of Stanley Milgram

The conference convenes leading academic scholars to discuss the legacy of the psychologist, Stanley Milgram, who conducted the now classic research detailed in his book Obedience to Authority. His studies show that ordinary people were willing to deliver high levels of shock to strangers when directed to do so by an experimenter. On the 50th anniversary of the publication of Milgram’s initial reports of his research we will reflect upon the meaning of his work today and consider its relevance to law and psychology. This conference is supported by the Oscar M. Ruebhausen Fund.
November 1, 2013

Immigration Reform: The Good, the Bad, and the Possible

This symposium will bring together scholars, policy experts, and advocates to discuss immigration reform pending in Congress. We will examine the ways the legislation could transform American immigration law, as well as the serious demands of transition and implementation that will arise if it passes.
December 6, 2013

2013 Doctoral Scholarship Conference

The conference aims to provide doctoral students and recent graduates with a forum to present, share and discuss their work beyond the usual academic boundaries. This year's conference sets out to explore the relationship between law and uncertainty. It examines how law and the issues it addresses are shaped by natural and man-made uncertainties. It further sets out to explore how the law, in its many branches, attempts to regulate, restrict and manage the uncertainties that shape individual and collective life, often by constructing categories, concepts, doctrines, and theories.