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2014 New Directions in Environmental Law Conference

New Directions in Environmental Law 2014:
Breaking the Stalemate

A Conference by the Yale Environmental Law Association
Featured Keynote Speaker: Jim Gordon, CEO, Cape Wind

March 1, 2014
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, New Haven, CT

Please join us for the Yale Environmental Law Association’s New Directions in Environmental Law Conference on March 1, 2014 at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies!

This year’s conference, Breaking the Stalemate, will examine ways to speed up environmental progress in the most challenging environments. Our keynote address will be delivered by Cape Wind CEO Jim Gordon, who will provide a private-sector perspective on the many obstacles that stand in the way of renewable energy development.

Panel discussions will explore how environmental policy must change in an era of legislative gridlock and budget austerity—with government’s capacity hobbled, how will environmentalists respond?—and how innovative regulatory schemes can shift the debate over controversial energy sources like hydrofracked natural gas.

Workshop sessions will cover a wide range of environmental issues, from local land use to international law. Other topics will include food policy, environmental law in Indian country, and grassroots activism.

This year’s conference, entitled Breaking the Stalemate, will be the fourth in our New Directions in Environmental Law series and will build on the momentum we have created over the past three years. Our 2011 foundational conference, A Climate of Possibility, featured Georgetown Law professor Lisa Heinzerling as our keynote speaker and explored problems, challenges, and potential new directions in environmental law and policy. The 2012 conference, [Re]Claiming Accountability, featured California Air Resources Board Chairman Mary Nichols and examined the scope and dimensions of accountability and innovative legal mechanisms for achieving it. Last year, Rolling Stone journalist Jeff Goodell discussed The Power of Voice, examining how media and social movements influence environmental law.

NDEL 2014 Supporters

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