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Public Knowledge Presents IP3 Award to Professor Yochai Benkler

Public-interest advocacy and education organization Public Knowledge recently announced that Professor of Law Yochai Benkler is a winner of its 2006 IP3 award for his work on Information Policy.

The award is given to individuals who have advanced the public interest in one of the three areas of "IP"— Intellectual Property, Information Policy and the Internet Protocol. In addition to Prof. Benkler, entrepreneurs Blake and Jason Krikorian and University of Michigan Law Professor Jessica Litman will also be honored with the 2006 award.

Prof. Benkler's most recent book, The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom (Yale University Press, 2006) examines how decentralized production of information has brought revolutionary changes to the economy. The Wealth of Networks is also published as a Wiki on Prof. Benkler's web site. Benkler is known as a prolific writer and commentator on the nature of the information commons.

Judges of the 2006 IP3 Award include former award winners Rep. Rick Boucher and Gary Shapiro. Also on the panel were Mark Lloyd, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress; Rob Frieden, professor of telecommunications at Penn State University; Jenny Toomey, musician and executive director of the Future of Music Coalition; June Cross, documentary filmmaker and assistant professor at Columbia University.