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Ben Heineman ’71 Delivers Preiskel-Silverman Lecture

In the 2006-2007 Preiskel-Silverman Lecture held Monday, November 27, 2006, Ben W. Heineman, Jr., ’71, spoke on “Law and Leadership.”

Heineman is former Senior Vice President and General Counsel for General Electric, Distinguished Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School’s Program on the Legal Profession, Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and Senior Counsel at WilmerHale.

He holds degrees from Harvard College (1965), Oxford University (1967) and Yale Law School (1971). He is the author of books on British race relations and the American presidency, as well as numerous articles.  He writes and conducts research on a wide variety of public and private sector issues, including the global anti-corruption movement, corporate citizenship and social responsibility, the changing role of the corporate general counsel, the corporate response to terrorism, corporate governance, and corporations and public policy. 

Ben Heineman’s lecture is available here as a pdf.