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Professor Jay Katz Receives Research Ethics Award

Yale Law School Professor Jay Katz received the Friends Research Institute 2003 Research Ethics Award, presented annually to acknowledge the contributions of "a leading scholar with moral courage in the area of research ethics," at a recent dinner in his honor in Baltimore, Maryland. Professor Katz is Elizabeth Dollard Professor Emeritus of Law, Medicine, and Psychiatry and Harvey L. Karp Professorial Lecturer in Law and Psychoanalysis.

FRI board president John B. Ramsay III said that Katz "exemplifies the vision of the award through his significant original contributions to the knowledge in research ethics and his personal moral courage in the area of human research protections."

After fleeing Nazi Germany as an adolescent in 1938, Katz eventually settled in the U.S. and studied medicine at Harvard Medical School. He became an instructor in psychiatry at Yale in 1955, advancing to full professorship in 1979. He was one of the first to scrutinize the ethical and legal implications of research, opening the door to an important new field. He later joined the faculty at Yale Law School, where he became Dollard Professor in 1990.

Katz has served on many commissions, including the Ad Hoc Advisory Panel of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study in 1972 and the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments in 1994. His trailblazing 1972 Experimentation with Human Beings is still the leading textbook on human experimentation law and ethics. In addition, his The Silent World of Doctor and Patient, published first in 1984 and reissued last year by John Hopkins University Press, is "a classic in the history and ethics of physician-patient relations." It advocates the importance of honest disclosure and informed consent in both treatment and research settings.

The FRI award includes a $10,000 prize intended to recognize Katz?s contributions while promoting the ethical conduct of research and focusing attention on the need to maintain high standards of ethics in research.

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