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Legal Affairs Magazine Brings the Law to Life

The third issue of Legal Affairs, the first general interest magazine about the law, will arrive on newsstands on September 17. The magazine was founded with support and inspiration from Yale Law School, guided by Lincoln Caplan, Legal Affairs' editor and Knight Senior Journalist at YLS. And though it has only been publishing for a few months, the concept took years to develop. (To learn more about the origins of Legal Affairs, read "Let There Be Legal Affairs," from the Summer 2002 Yale Law Report.)

The first two issues featured stories about the supreme court in Israel, the public defender system in New York City, and the fence that divides Hamden, Connecticut, from a New Haven housing project--among many other topics. The magazine's initial efforts have garnered attention from a wide range of media, including the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, and National Public Radio. Amy Willentz, writing in the Nation magazine, said that Legal Affairs "casts an intelligent eye over a broad and spacious intellectual terrain. . . . Legal Affairs reminds you that the law matters."

The September/October issue features an exposé of the failures of the international tribunal in Rwanda to sort criminals from victims of the genocide. Look for it on newsstands nationwide on September 17.