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Dean Anthony Kronman Announces Lectures for 2002-03

Schedule of lectures for the current academic year (for more detail, see the YLS Calendar):

Nov. 4, Anderson Fellow 2001-02, The Honorable Harry T. Edwards, U. S. Court of Appeals, DC Circuit

Dec. 3, Thomas Lecture 2002-03, Katherine Franke, Columbia Law School

February 25, Preiskel-Silverman Lecture 2002-2003, Martha Walters Barnett, Holland & Knight LLP

March 4, Raben Fellow 2002-03, Prof. Paul G. Mahoney, University of VA School of Law

March 10 and 11, Leff Fellow 2002-03, Professor Jennifer L. Hochschild, Harvard University Department of Government and Afro-American Studies

March 24, 25, and 31, Storrs Lectures 2001-02, Professor Joseph Raz, Oxford University, Visiting Professor at Columbia

April 15, Anderson Fellow 2002-03, The Honorable Judith S. Kaye, Chief Judge, State of New York