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Statement of Anthony Kronman on the Death of Former Dean Eugene Rostow

It is my sad duty to report that Eugene Rostow, former Dean and Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law and Public Affairs, died this morning in Washington, D.C., at the age of 89. Much of the Yale Law School we now know--to which we have become so accustomed by the passage of time--was built or rebuilt during Gene's deanship years. Gene's intellect, will, and character were molding forces in the evolution of the modern Yale Law School, and his legacy is all about us. Gene Rostow was one of the Law School's great deans. His passing is a somber moment that should cause us to reflect on how much this extraordinary man gave of himself, for the school he loved with all his heart.

Anthony T. Kronman
Dean and Edward J. Phelps Professor of Law
Yale Law School