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Most Recent Update for the YLS Community


Here are some updates for YLS staff, faculty and students as of Tuesday morning, May 27. Not all items may apply to all people, but please scan the list below for anything that may apply to your personal situation. As ever, thanks for your ongoing patience and understanding!

ID Badges

Please remember to have your Yale ID with you when you are in the Law School building.

Counseling Resources

Confidential counseling resources are available for any member of the Yale Law School Community who would like to discuss or work through issues raised by the events of May 21.

The Yale Health Services Department of Mental Hygiene can be reached at 432-0290 (after hours, call the YHP Urgent Visit line at 432-0123 to be connected to a counselor on call).

The Yale Chaplaincy can be reached at 432-1128.

The Yale Employee Assistance Program can be reached at 800-232-6092.

YLS staff members may also contact Karen Alderman (432-2767) or Kathy Slater (432-4826) with questions or concerns.

Student Dining Hall Meal Plan Balances

We will make arrangements for any students who have remaining points on their meal plans to receive some type of refund (bursar credit or other for 3Ls). We are currently working out the details, and expect to have formulated a procedure within a few weeks.

Student Lockers

Nothing was removed from the lockers located in the Student Commons. Students may retrieve belongings anytime between now and June 6.

Items left in L3, L4, and L5 (including Main Reading Room)

Only personal items left behind when the building was evacuated - e.g. backpacks, laptops, purses etc. (cable locks on laptops were not cut) - were moved. Library books and/or textbooks were NOT moved from carrels or the tables. All personal items were bagged and labeled and stored in the Library Conference Room (Room 300). If you believe you may have belongings there, please go to Room 300 to retrieve them.

Items left in Classrooms, Seminar Rooms, or L1, L2, Upper East Side and Lower East Side

If you left personal items in any of these areas, you must contact the FBI at their Command Center at Sterling Memorial Library (Cross Campus entrance) and they will escort you to retrieve your valuables.

Items left in the Dining Hall

Personal items were removed, labeled and stored. Please contact Mike Thompson at 432-4041 to make arrangements to retrieve them.

Dormitory Access

Dormitory students can remove their belongings at anytime between now and June 6. We regret that residents can NOT move back into the YLS dorms to live, however. Rooms for displaced dormitory residents will remain available in Ezra Stiles College until Friday, May 30.

Building Access

Yale Law School is open for access as usual with the exception of the Class Rooms 120, 121, 122, the Alumni Reading Room, the Student Lounge, and Seminar Rooms. The following areas of the library are also closed: L1, L2, Upper East Side, and Lower East Side. Until further notice you should enter and exit the building through the Wall Street entrances (e.g. 127 Wall Street, the Wall Street Gate or Ruttenberg Hall (133 Wall Street) entrances).

Elevator Service

There is no elevator service in the Library, the High Street wing, or the Grove Street wing. The Ruttenberg Hall elevator is currently working. We are awaiting repair of the Grove Street elevator; the FBI has control over the Library and High Street elevators. We will keep you posted on progress in this regard.

Heating and Air Conditioning

The explosion affected some heating and air conditioning capability, and heat or A/C may not be working properly in some parts of the building. If you experience a problem in your office or notice a problem in adjacent hallways or public spaces, please alert Dean Thompson at 432-4041.

Network, Email and Web Access

The explosion also affected some network connections throughout the building. We believe we have fixed the problems, but if you experience trouble connecting to the email or the web, please contact Susan Monsen, Director of IT Services, at 432-4044.

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