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Statement by Dean Anthony T. Kronman on the Appointment of Harold Hongju Koh as the New Dean of YLS

Harold Koh is a scholar of the first rank. His work in the all-important field of international law is original and influential. No scholar of his generation has done as much to shape the way we think about the law of nations. Harold is also a fierce champion of human rights, the most urgent cause of our time. His commitment to this cause, and to the promotion of the rule of law in general, has been inspiring to us all. Harold is a beloved teacher and a warm and generous human being. His appointment as Dean reflects the unanimous judgment of his colleagues that he is the one person best equipped, by temperament and training, to lead the Yale Law School in the next phase of its life.

As an academic leader, Harold will insure the Law School's continuing preeminence in the world of scholarship and ideas. As the School's representative to the wider world, he will be a passionate voice on behalf of those values to which the Yale Law School has long been committed--the values of justice, decency, and a respect for the humanity of men and women everywhere. I am thrilled by Harold's appointment. He is not only my colleague but my dear friend as well, and I look forward to working with Harold in the months ahead to assure a smooth transition in the deanship and the continued greatness of the Law School we both love.