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Podcasts and Streaming Video Available on Law School Website

Podcasts of selected lectures and events taking place at the Law School are available on the News & Events section of the Yale Law School website, under podcasts. The Law School’s new podcast series supplements the School’s standard practice of streaming video of popular lectures in the video archive

Among the many podcasts, you can listen to:

- Newark Mayor Cory Booker ’97 describing his journey from Yale Law School to mayor of New Jersey’s largest city;

- President Rosalyn Higgins ’62 JSD describing what life is like as the president of the International Court of Justice;

- Former Kennedy presidential adviser Ted Sorensen discussing JFK’s adherence to international law during the Cuban missile crisis; and

- New York Times columnist and author Tom Friedman telling listeners that “the world is flat” and that governments and societies must adapt to changing realities.

Visitors to the podcast website may listen to audio files on their computer, download individual audio files for later listening on a portable iPod or other MP3 player, or subscribe to the Law School podcasts. Visit "What Are Podcasts?"

Many Yale Law School podcasts are also available on Yale University’s new podcast series on Apple’s iTunes website, which includes offerings from faculty and visiting speakers from the entire University.  Step-by-step instructions for listening to individual audio presentations, or subscribing to the Yale series, are available on the website of the University’s Office of Public Affairs. All Yale podcast offerings on iTunes are free of charge.