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Michael B. Mukasey '67 Nominated for U.S. Attorney General

President Bush has nominated former federal judge Michael B. Mukasey ’67 to serve as America's 81st attorney general, succeeding Alberto Gonzales.

Judge Mukasey was nominated to the federal bench by President Reagan in 1987.  He served as judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York for more than 18 years, serving six of those years as Chief Judge. While on the federal bench, he handled some of the nation's most important and complicated terrorism-related cases, including the trial of 10 defendants accused of plotting terrorist attacks in New York City and Jose Padilla's challenge to his detention as an enemy combatant.

A former prosecutor, Judge Mukasey served from 1972 to 1976 as an assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Office. In 1976, he joined the New York law firm of Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler. He rejoined the firm as a partner in September 2006 following his retirement from the U.S. District Court.

Judge Mukasey has received several awards for distinctive service, most notably the Federal Bar Council's Learned Hand Medal for Excellence in Federal Jurisprudence. He earned a B.A. from Columbia University in 1963 and an L.L.B. from Yale Law School in 1967. 

"Judge Mukasey has always been a source of pride to his law school,” said Yale Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh. “Our Justice Department needs an attorney general who has been a strong leader and a principled lawyer. Judge Mukasey's distinguished record as a fair and able judge well qualifies him for this task.”