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Yale JREG Announces Walton H. Hamilton Prize

The Yale Journal on Regulation has announced a new prize—the Walton H. Hamilton Prize for Outstanding Scholarship—which will go to the article in each volume judged most likely to have a significant impact on the study and understanding of regulatory policy. JREG is published by Yale Law School students twice a year. All articles published in a given volume are eligible to be considered for the Hamilton Prize, which totals $1500. The articles will be evaluated based on their originality, scope, analytical elegance, and appeal to a broad audience. An award ceremony will take place at the Law School each April beginning in 2009.

JREG recently celebrated its 25th anniversary at a reception and dinner that featured speeches by Professor Jonathan Macey ’82 and former SEC chairman Harvey Pitt. JREG founder Mark Goldberg ’82 and the publication’s first Managing Editor, Bruce Judson ’84, expressed delight at the dedication, energy, and enthusiasm of the hundreds of Yale Law students who, over the past quarter century, have helped make JREG an important forum for scholarship and dialogue on pressing regulatory issues.

The Yale Journal on Regulation publishes in-depth scholarly articles by professors and legal practitioners on a variety of topics, including telecommunications, bankruptcy, antitrust, health care, environmental law, and utilities. For more information about JREG and the Walton H. Hamilton Prize, visit