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Information Related to Dean Koh's Nomination to Obama Administration

On March 23, 2009, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate Yale Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh as Legal Adviser to the U.S. Department of State. Following is a sampling of news and letters related to Dean Koh’s nomination.


Kate Stith Named Acting Dean of Law School Upon Nomination of Harold Hongju Koh to State DepartmentYale Bulletin & Calendar

Obama taps Koh as legal adviser at StateNew Haven Register

Mom thrilled by sons’ nominationsThe New Haven Register

Yale Law Dean Tapped For State Dept. JobConnecticut Law Tribune

Conservatives Attack KohThe Washington Independent

Confirm Harold Koh as State Department Legal AdviserThe Huffington Post

Defending Dean Koh--Balkinization

And Then They Came for Koh…If mainstream America can't stand up for Harold Koh, we will get precisely the government lawyers we deserveSlate

Dean Harold Koh on Sharia, Dean Harold Koh’s Nomination to the State


New York Post Writer Takes A Hatchet to Dean

After Attacks, Supporters Rally Around Choice for Top Administration Legal JobThe New York Times

Conservatives attack KohYale Daily News

The Smear Campaign against Harold KohThe Huffington Post

Sharia Brouhaha--Yale Alumni Magazine

Senate Should Ignore Nutty Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theories And Appoint Harold

State Department Legal Adviser Nominee Harold Hongju Koh Holds Mainstream Legal

GOP Becomes the Party of No(minees)--Rachel Maddow Showv

Who's Afraid of International Law--Balkinization


Whelan Watch--Obsidian Wings

The Demonization of Harold Koh-- Daily Beast

More Said to Support Int'l Law and Dean Koh--Intlawgrrls

O'Connell's "Who's Afraid of International Law?" and the Koh Nomination --

In Defense of Dean Koh and Transnationalism--Intlawgrrls

The Dirty Fight Against Koh--UN Dispatch

The Big Picture on Koh--Obsidian Wings

Dean Harold Koh: A Great Choice for State Department Legal Advisor--Huffington Post

Fact v. Fallacy in the Confirmation Process--Intlawgrrls

Wilkinson, Koh Are Latest in the Borking Sweepstakes--Roll Call

Bipartisan Support Continues to Grow for Johnsen and Koh--Huffington Post

Harold Koh: The Company You

Harold Koh and Conservative Misinformation--American Constitution Society Blog

International Law Exists: Which is Why We Need Harold

For a civil consideration of Harold Hongju Koh--St. Louis Beacon

Why Harold Koh is Dividing the GOP -- Time

Sovereign, yet listening to foreign law-- The Philadelphia Inquirer

In Support of Harold Koh--Anthony Clark Arend

Ronan Farrow: Confirm Harold

A New Kind of Adviser -- The New Republic

Pure Politics: The Koh Nomination Fight Drags OnHuffington Post

GOP Hold on Koh Confirmation Comes to an End - Washington Independent

Remember Harold Koh? Full Senate Expected to Vote on His Nomination on Wednesday -- Opinio Juris

NEWS FLASH: Koh to full Senate tomorrow -- IntLawGrrls

Why We All Should Care about Harold Koh's Confirmation -- IntLawGrrls

Legal Adviser Nominee Harold Koh Should Be Confirmed -- Opinio Juris

The Next Great Threat Takes Over the World --

Delayed Gratification: Koh Nomination to Move Forward -- American Prospect

Slow Confirmation Process is Hurting U.S. Government -- Roll Call


Letter from Professors of Constitutional and International Law

Letter from Dean Michael Fitts

Letter from 103 Law Deans

Letter from Senior Clergy

Letter from Judge Advocates General

Letter from 7 Former Legal Advisers, 2 International Court of Justice judges, and International Law Scholars

Bipartisan Letter from Miami attorneys in support of Dean Koh

Letter from U.S. Law Professors Endorsing Harold Hongju Koh's Nomination for Legal Adviser

Yale Law School Conservatives Defend Harold Koh--Above the Law

Letter from Former Republican Government Attorneys

Letter of Support from the Asian-American Federation

Story Regarding Support by Former Solicitor General Theodore OlsonThe Plum Line

Story Regarding Support by Outgoing Bush Legal Adviser John Bellinger--BLT (The Blog of Legal Times)

Story Regarding Support of Former Solicitor General Ken Starr for Koh's Nomination To State Department--Yale Daily News

Letter from Asian American and Pacific Islander Organizations

Letter from Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty

Letter from Former Solicitor General Kenneth Starr

Letter from International and Comparative Lawyers and Former Members of International Commission on Religious Freedom

Letter from NYU Professor Arthur Miller

Letter from Senator John Danforth

Letter from Leitner Center Endorsing Harold Hongju Koh's Nomination for Legal Adviser of the US State Department

Letter from law professors to Senators Kerry and Lugar -- April 27, 2009

List of endorsements by 635 law professors to the April 27 letter

Letter from Randolph Moss, former Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel, Department of Justice

New Haven Register endorsement

Boston Globe endorsement

Letter from Joshua B. Bolten, Esq., former Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush

Statement of Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN), Ranking Member of Senate Foreign Relations Committee