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Society for Empirical Legal Studies

The Society for Empirical Legal Studies (SELS) is an international organization of scholars interested in empirical legal studies. The Journal of Empirical Legal Studies (JELS) is the official SELS journal. Every year, SELS sponsors The Conference on Empirical Legal Studies (CELS).

SELS exists to

• Encourage and develop empirical and experimental scholarship on legal issues

• Stimulate ongoing conversations among scholars in law, economics, political science, criminology, finance, psychology, sociology, health care, and other disciplines

• Convene an annual conference of scholars on empirical legal studies

Become a Member of the Society for Empirical Legal Studies

To join the Society for Empirical Legal Studies, please click here. You join the Society by subscribing to the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. Those who subscribe automatically become members of the Society, and the only way to become a member of the Society is by subscribing to the journal. Membership and subscription cost is $60 ($25 or $35 for students).

SELS Board of Directors:
• Jennifer Arlen (New York University Law School)
• Bernie Black (Northwestern University Law School and University of Texas Law School)
• Shari Diamond (Northwestern University Law School)
• Ted Eisenberg (Cornell Law School) 
• Valerie Hans (Cornell Law School)
• Michael Heise (Cornell Law School)
• Dan Ho (Stanford Law School)
• Dan Klerman (University of Southern California Gould School of Law)
• Mathew McCubbins (University of Southern California Gould School of Law and Political Science)
• Geoffrey Miller (New York University Law School) 
• Roberta Romano (Yale Law School)
• Eric Talley (University of California at Berkeley Boalt Hall Law School)