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Expense Reimbursement

The conference organizers and SELS are not able to reimburse expenses. However, we currently expect to be able to offer a limited amount of financial support to out-of-town paper presenters who certify to us that their home institution does not reimburse paper presenters (or permit reimbursement from faculty research accounts). For such paper presenters we anticipate being able to reimburse for expenses (not otherwise reimbursed), up to the following: (a) $1,000 for participants from countries other than the U.S. and Canada; (b) $800 for participants from more than 300 miles from New Haven; and (c) $500 for participants from less than 300 miles but more than 60 miles from New Haven.

To be eligible for reimbursement presenters must attend the entire conference and must inform us that they are unable to obtain reimbursement from other sources by a week after receiving their notice of acceptance (which we expect to be sent out on September 1).

We can only reimburse the person presenting the paper and then only one person per paper. We also cannot reimburse non-economy class airfares, hotel rates greater than the reduced conference rate, or meal expenses (as meals are included in the conference registration fee).

To be assured of obtaining the reduced conference hotel rate it is advisable to book your room early. Further information on accommodations is included under"Hotels"