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14th Annual National Latina/o Law Student Conference

NLLSA and Yale LLSA cordially invite you to the 14th Annual National Latina/o Law Student Conference, which will be held September 30th – October 2nd at Yale Law School.

The theme of our conference, “AHORA,” (Now) will highlight the important work and accomplishments that our predecessors have realized. It also acknowledges that these accomplishments may be lost if we do not confront the challenges that our communities continue to face.

To that end, the topics we will discuss include immigration reform, education, workers' rights, voting rights, healthcare, and many more. As in years past, the conference will be an opportunity to unite various sectors of the legal profession to tackle these urgent issues through workshops, panel discussions, plenary sessions, community service opportunities, and cultural festivities.

In addition, we will also be hosting our annual moot court competition and an employment expo.

Throughout the course of the weekend, you will get to know hundreds of law students, professors, practitioners, judges, speakers, and prominent community leaders from across the country that are passionate about these issues.

Please visit this site to register for the conference.
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Founded in 1996, NLLSA’s mission of social, ethnic, and gender equality, as well as diversity in the legal profession, has resonated with students from around the country. The organization now boasts a local chapter in nearly every law school and Yale LLSA is one of its most active chapters. The 2009 Conference in Chicago was a huge success, and with your help, we look forward to continuing NLLSA’s success this fall at Yale Law School.

Contact Us
Questions about panels, confirmed speakers, the employment expo, moot court, getting to New Haven, etc.? We'd love to hear from you: 

David Perez, NLLSA Chair: david.perez@yale.edu, (206) 618-4293 
Sohail Ramirez, NLLSA Vice Chair: sohail.ramirez@yale.edu, (347) 414-4368