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All sessions will be held in Room 127, except where indicated

Friday December 10


Room 122


Professors John Ferejohn and William Eskridge

Panel I
Theories of Entrenchment

Chair/Discussant: Nick Parrillo
Chuck Sabel
and Bill Simon, Contextualizing Regimes: Institutionalization as a Response to the Limits of  Interpretation and Policy Analysis
Paul Frymer, Labor’s Magna Carta in Ruins: Understanding Statutory Entrenchment  and Retrenchment of the Wagner Act
Matt McCubbins and Dan Rodriguez, Super Statutory Entrenchment: A Positive and Normative Interrogatory
Eric Patashnik and Julian Zelizer, When Policy Does Not Remake Politics:  The Limits of Policy Feedback

4:15-4:30 Break – Room 122

Panel II
Administrative Constitutionalism

Chair/Discussant: Bruce Ackerman
Ed Rubin, Statutes as Interpretations of the Constitution
Sophia Lee, Administering the Underenforced Constitution
Barry Friedman, The Symbiotic Constitution

Saturday, December 11

Panel III
Health Care Case Studies

Chair/Discussant: Jennifer Prah Ruger
Ted Ruger, Plural Constitutionalism and the Pathologies of American Health Care
Abbe Gluck,  State Implementation as Federal Statutory Interpretation: A Federalism Agenda for the Age of Statutes (and Health Reform)
David Super, What Is at Stake in the Battle Over Repealing Health Care Reform?

10:45-11:00 Break – Room 122

Panel IV
Other Case Studies of Super Statutes and Administrative Constitutionalism

Chair/Discussant: Jerry Mashaw
Bill Novak, The Republic of Statutes and the Rise of the Modern American Regulatory State
John Skrentny and Micah Gell-Redman, Obama's Immigration Reform and the Dynamics of Statutory Entrenchment
Stephen Griffin, The National Security Constitution and the Bush Administration

Lunch – Location TBD

Panel V
Quo Vadis?

Bob Katzmann
John Ferejohn
Sandy Levinson
Susan Rose-Ackerman

Sponsored by the Oscar M. Ruebhausen Fund at Yale Law School