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State Legislative Journal Volumes — SCOPA Grant Data

Numbers in Reconstruction and New Deal columns represent the number of volumes from those eras that were examined in detail. Clicking on the number will take you to a page where you can examine the detailed data about that state's volumes. Clicking in the Other Holdings column will take you to the catalog record(s) for each state's journal for that chamber. Journals prior to the date a state was admitted to the union are journals of territorial legislatures. Answers to frequently asked questions are on the More about State Legislative Journals page.

State (admission to union)
New Deal
Other Holdings
Alabama (1819)  
Alaska (1959)
Arizona (1912)  
Arkansas (1836)  
California (1850)  
Colorado (1876)  
Connecticut (1788)  
Delaware (1787)
Florida (1845)  
Georgia (1788)  
Hawaii (1959)
Idaho (1890)  
Illinois (1818)
Indiana (1816)
Iowa (1846)  
Kansas (1861)  
Kentucky (1792)  
Louisiana (1812)  
Maine (1820)
Maryland (1788)  
Massachusetts (1788)
Michigan (1837)
Minnesota (1858)  
Mississippi (1817)  
Missouri (1821)  
Montana (1889)
Nebraska* (1867)
Nevada (1864)  
New Hampshire (1788)
New Jersey (1787)
New Mexico (1912)
New York (1788)  
North Carolina (1789)  
North Dakota (1889)
Ohio (1803)
Oklahoma** (1907)
Oregon (1859)  
Pennsylvania (1787)
Rhode Island (1790)
South Carolina (1788)  
South Dakota (1889)
Tennessee (1796)
Texas (1845)  
Utah (1896)  
Vermont (1791)  
Virginia (1788)  
Washington (1889)  
West Virginia (1863)
Wisconsin (1848)
Wyoming (1890)  

*Nebraska converted to a unicameral, non-partisan legislature by constitutional amendment passed in 1934. The "Unicameral" first convened in 1937. Click here for the record after that date.
**For Indian Territory journal, click here.

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