August 9, 2012 – YLS Martha’s Vineyard Annual Cocktail Party
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The weather was just lovely (and, this year, quite dry) for the 5th annual YLS Martha’s Vineyard Cocktail Party on a Sunday evening in Aquinnah, MA. It was a wonderful gathering of alums and families, thanks to the generosity and gracious hospitality of Norma and Arnold Zack (’56). Every summer old Island YLS friends get to see one another other and, at the same time, meet new alumni visiting the island. This intimate YLS gathering was just the right size to host in someone’s home and also small enough to give everyone the opportunity to meet and visit with everyone there. Everyone had a great time!

(left to right, front row): Jonathan Zack, Arnold Zack ’56 (co-host), Nancy Dunham, Alex Dunham
(left to right, back row): Pat Taylor ’71, Norma Zack (co-host), Don Friedman ’73, Cora Weiss, Rhona Friedman, Peter Weiss ’52, Lee Dunham ’66, Steve Weiner ’57, Amelia Sanchirico, Andy Weiss ’74, Hilary Alger and husband Chris Sanchirico ’89/’94, John Firestone ’85(supreme organizer!!), Dixie (’03) and John Noonan (’04), with their son, John.


| 8/31/2012