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Yale Law Women Present Faculty and Staff Awards

Members of the Yale Law School community gathered on Monday, April 2nd to celebrate the annual Yale Law Women Faculty and Staff Awards. The winners of the 2012 awards were Jacquin D. Bierman Professor of Taxation, Anne Alstott ’87 and Student Computing Coordinator Marcin Kloc. In addition, this year the board of Yale Law Women conferred a special award for Outstanding Leadership to Deputy Dean Douglas Kysar.

Professor Anne Alsott '87, Deputy Dean Doug Kysar, and Marcin Kloc

Over afternoon desserts and refreshments, several students gave moving tributes to Alstott, Kloc and Kysar. They spoke to an audience of dozens of YLS community members, including students, faculty and staff, who attended the afternoon event to show their appreciation.

Professor Alstott, who currently teaches Federal Income Taxation and Family, State and Market, received tributes from Tamar Lerer ’13 and Joanna Zhang ’13. Lerer explained that she has learned a great deal about systematic thinking from taking courses and writing her SAW with Professor Alstott. Zhang recounted her experience as a research assistant for Alstott, reflecting on the professor’s thoughtfulness and generosity.

Molly Weston ’13 represented a common student sentiment when she shared a story of how Marcin’s dogged tenacity and patience significantly improved her technological relationship to YLS. “My first encounter with Marcin happened before I even stepped foot in the law school,” Weston said, explaining that her Yale ID did not work during the summer prior to matriculation and Kloc was relentless in trying to find a solution for the glitch. Forrest Dunbar ’12 gave a tribute to Kloc’s donation of time and video-editing expertise to the Law Revue staff in past years.

Finally, outgoing YLW Chair Tracy Nowski ’13 and Student Representative Halley Epstein ’14 described Deputy Dean Kysar as an advocate for student interests at the law school. Both noted that Deputy Dean Kysar was tireless in trying to improve scheduling for students, creating a third section of Administrative Law in light of student demand and taking up the job of teaching Federal Courts himself this spring on top of his numerous teaching, administrative and scholarly responsibilities. Nowski noted that Kysar has been a strong supporter of Yale Law Women’s mission, and Epstein added that Kysar’s leadership has spurred a rejuvenation of the role of student representatives.

Members of the Yale Law Women Board present awards to Deputy Dean Kysar, Professor Alstott, and Marcin Kloc (not pictured).

Each of the three award recipients sang praises of others in supporting their successes. Alstott reflected that her teaching is largely influenced by her own former teachers at Yale. Kloc noted that four members of the IT staff had won the Staff Excellence Award in the past decade, and thanked his supervisors for supporting his work. True to form, Kysar expressed his appreciation in working with students, noting that it is a unique perk of being deputy dean.

The Yale Law Women Outstanding Leadership award was a new creation in light of what the board said were “heroic” efforts by Kysar in his role as Deputy Dean – efforts which were not precisely captured by either the Faculty or Staff Excellence Awards. The other two awards are an annual staple of Yale Law Women’s recognition event. YLW members nominate faculty and staff to receive the award, and the whole student body votes on the final winners. This year, 36 faculty members and 19 staff members received nominations.

The winners each received engraved plaques as a memento, and their names are etched in the main hallway in front of the Registrar’s Office.