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2012 Small Group Olympics

On March 22, the 13 Yale Law 1L small groups waged spirited battles in pursuit of the ultimate glory: recognition as the 2012 Small Group Olympics Champions. They contorted their bodies in Team Twister; tested their knowledge of YLS public opinion in YLS Family Feud; engaged their creativity in Competitive Crayon Drawing; and struggled across the courtyard in the good olí Three-Legged Race. Many small groups went all-out to win the Olympics, including making small group t-shirts and inviting their small group professors to win bonus points. In the end, while Professor Burtís Brigade and Team Coleman made a vigorous effort, Kysarís small group narrowly prevailed, buoyed by the appearance of Professor Kysar himself.

Thanks to generous outside sponsorships, the Small Group Olympics also raised money for the Yale Incentive Program for Public Interest Employment (YiPPiE), which supplements YLS summer interest employment funding. Many of the 1Ls who participated will benefit again from the Olympics in a few months!