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YLS Students Perform in Field Fund Spring Recital

On the evening of March 28, a group of musically-talented law students transformed the Yale Law School Dining Hall into a concert hall. The spring recital was made possible through the generous support of the Joseph M. Field Fund, with assistance from Student Affairs and Building Services. Chamber groups and solo performers played a repertoire stretching from Bach and Mozart to Rachmaninoff and Ravel. A Reasonable Band—Yale Law School’s old-time American music troupe—fiddled and strummed to old favorites and original compositions.

Yale Law students Peter Chen ‘13 and Miriam Estrin ‘13 organized the recital, bringing together thirteen law students performing on eleven different instruments. “All Yale Law students have impressive resumes and talents, but the Law School itself often obscures those experiences,” Chen said. “We see each other on a daily basis in the context of law students, rather than as multi-faceted individuals with rich backgrounds. To that end, many of us have dormant musical talents. And with few opportunities to perform, they can remain dormant throughout our law school lives.”

It was indeed a talented set of performers. "I was embarrassed by the amount of talent," Josiah Pertz '12 said. "You see people's brilliance in other ways here, and then they just come and bust out a great partita."

The Yale community filled the house. "Hearing such beautiful music in our YLS dining hall was such a wonderful change of pace, said Sam Adelsberg '13. "That it was many of my friends up there made it all the more special."