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OSA Staff

Kathleen Overly, Associate Dean
Sachi Sugimoto Rodgers, Director of Student Affairs
Reva Pollack, Director of Student Life
Adrienne Lucas, Associate Director of Student Affairs
Marie Carrano, Senior Administrative Assistant
Joseph Lynch, Publications Assistant
Directions to our Offices

Kathleen Overly, Associate Dean 

Room RM 88

Kathleen B. Overly is the Associate Dean of Student Affairs at Yale Law School and she oversees the Career Development Office. In her role as Dean of Students, she serves as a liaison for students with faculty and administration. Dean Overly also oversees the Law School's student organizations and law journals, provides personal and academic counseling to students, and helps students to navigate Law School and University resources. In addition, Dean Overly and the rest of the Student Affairs team offer programming in connection with the Law School's Student Life initiatives. Dean Overly is a graduate of Michigan Law School, The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and Wake Forest University. She previously served as a corporate associate at DLA Piper in Washington, DC and at Sidley Austin in Chicago. Immediately before joining Yale Law School, Dean Overly served as the Associate Director for Student Development at The University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Sachi Sugimoto Rodgers, Director of Student Affairs

Room RM 86

Sachi is the Director for Student Affairs and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office. She works primarily with the student organizations and secondary law journals to support co-curricular and extracurricular activities at the law school. Sachi also advises students on event planning, website needs, and other logistical support. She works to promote and foster independent and collaborative programming by, with, and amongst student organizations. Sachi also works with the Student Representatives to promote Yale Law School's Student Life Initiatives and serves as a resource to assist students in navigating YLS and University resources. She is a graduate of Yale College with an MBA and culinary degree.

Reva Pollack, Director of Student Life and Acting Director of Academic Counseling

Room RM 90

As the Director of Student Life, Reva manages the student life and health and wellness initiatives of Yale Law School, and provides personal counseling to students. As the Acting Director of Academic Counseling, Reva also provides academic advising to J.D. students and oversees academic programming.  She also works with the Student Representatives to promote Yale Law School's student life initiatives, and coordinates the Dean’s Advisor, Peer Advocate, and Peer Mentorship programs. Reva is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and Duke Law School. Prior to joining Yale, Reva practiced financial regulatory law with the Washington, D.C. offices of Latham & Watkins and Sidley Austin. In addition to her work at YLS, Reva also teaches fitness classes at the Payne Whitney Gym.

Adrienne Lucas, Associate Director of Student Affairs

Room RM 92 

Adrienne is the Associate Director of Student Affairs and works with student groups as they plan conferences and other large scale events.  She also works with international students to approve CPT and OPT, oversees the McCarthy and Holtzmann funds, and is involved with the overall event planning for the Office of Student Affairs. Adrienne is a graduate of New York University School of Law. Before joining Yale, Adrienne provided academic counseling and programming for students interested in law, business, and medicine as a pre-professional advisor in the College of Arts and Science at NYU.

Marie Carrano, Senior Administrative Assistant

Room RM 85

Marie can help with student organization reimbursements. She also schedules appointments with Dean Overly. In addition, Marie is happy to answer questions and, when needed, direct students to the right office for help.

Joseph Lynch, Publications Assistant

Room RM 85

Joe assists members of the student journals throughout the law journal production process. Joe provides clerical, financial and administrative support for the following Yale Law School Student Journals: Yale Journal of Law & Feminism; Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities; Yale Journal of International Law; Yale Law and Policy Review; Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal; Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics. Joe is also responsible for the oversight of the Yale Law School Student Journal websites. All questions regarding Student Journals can be directed to Joe or Sachi (law.studentjournals@yale.edu).

Directions to our offices:
Exit the main building through the doors next to the L2 library entrance and head into the courtyard. Head left across the courtyard and enter the door immediately next to the bicycle rack (near the green metal sculpture). That's Ruttenberg Hall. Go up one flight of stairs -- that's the Mezzanine Level. Our office is on the right.


Take the staircase immediately to the left as you enter the main building from the 127 Wall Street entrance (where building services is located). Go up the first flight of stairs and enter the door on your left. Follow the hallway up a slight incline and past the clinical professors' offices to an open area with brick floors. Our office is straight ahead.