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Judicial Clerkships

Many students apply for clerkships with state or federal courts or international tribunals while they are at YLS.  These opportunities are also equally available to alumni, however.  Remember that alumni are not bound by the fall hiring schedule under the federal law clerk hiring plan.  Federal judges may consider applications from alumni at any time, and each year, a number of federal clerkships are obtained by YLS alumni who applied after the Labor Day cycle. Alumni interested in pursuing judicial clerkships are encouraged to refer to the following resources and contact CDO for any further questions. Please contact CDO at 203-432-1676 for login information to YLS versions of publications.


Judicial Clerkships in the U.S.

Federal Clerkships: Applying After the Fall of Third Year

U.S. Supreme Court Clerkships – YLS version

Opportunities with International Tribunals and Foreign Courts

Vermont Guide to State Court Clerkships