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TRI PI (Travel Reimbursement for Interviews in the Public Interest)

In an effort to support our students who are pursuing public interest work, YLS CDO has developed the Travel Reimbursement for Interviews in the Public Interest (TRI PI) Program. This program is funded through law firm donations to the CDO Practice Area Forum. The fund provides limited travel reimbursements for 2L and 3L Yale Law students who must travel to conduct public interest interviews.

Who is Eligible?

YLS 2Ls and 3Ls who must travel to conduct public interest interviews are eligible for travel reimbursement. This includes rising 2Ls who are conducting interviews for potential 2L summer employment, as well as 3Ls who are conducting interviews for their first post-graduate employment. Students should notify CDO prior to traveling to ascertain that funds are available and to learn the requirements for the reimbursements. A CDO assurance that funds are available is only valid for reimbursement requests submitted within two weeks of travel. We will consider reimbursements that come in over the two-week limit if funding is available; we will not be able to consider anything beyond a 45-day limit.

How Much Is the Grant?

The Law School will reimburse reasonable travel expenses, up to a per student maximum of $800 per academic year, to attend public interest interviews. No food expenses will be reimbursed, and all travel expenses must be economical. For example- train travel to NYC will be refunded only to MetroNorth levels, and all plane travel must be coach class. Students may seek reimbursement for one night only of lodging. All lodging choices must be economical, and lodging reimbursement covers room and taxes only. Subways, buses, and cab fares are reimbursable, as is mileage (if driving) at the current standard rate. Rental cars (and gas) are reimbursable in the event that another mode of transportation is not available.

If a student travels to more than one public interest interview in the year, the student can request a reimbursement for the second interview, if the total amount requested of TRI PI that academic year is under the $800 cap.

How Do I Get Reimbursed?

Students should bring travel receipts and a completedreimbursement form to Juli Davis at the Career Development Office within two weeks of completing the travel (and expenses cannot be incurred more than 120 days prior to reimbursement submission). You may also pick up a reimbursement form in CDO. CDO will submit your reimbursement request to the YLS Business Office. The Business Office will handle payment.

For further information contactjuliann.davis@yale.edu
or call 203-432-1676.